Learning stairs, rock climbing wall among unique features at new Carver Elementary in Teravista


As Carver Elementary Principal Nancy Bottlinger and her staff work to welcome approximately 650 students on August 24, she took a few minutes to tell us about some of the many exciting features of this new Georgetown ISD school in Teravista.


What are some of the most unique or innovative features of the new Carver Elementary?


There are so many, but let me start with the four flex spaces at the end of each hallway. These spaces are very open, and each has a different theme. One has a science table, one has cushions that can be arranged in different ways, and another has a table filled with laptops. They can be used for everything from a science fair to a faculty meeting. These flex spaces are just one of the many resources our staff will utilize to provide Carver Elementary students with a terrific learning experience.


We’ve heard about the “learning stairs.” What are they?


This is another very exciting feature. Our main stairway is very wide and spacious, with half of the space to be used for steps, and the other half for learning opportunities. Think of stadium seating, or an amphitheatre. Students can lay and sit on cushions while they read or engage in a lesson.


What kind of learning technology does Carver Elementary offer?


Our technology is state-of-the-art, with projectors, Internet access and at least nine devices such as laptops, iPads and tablets in every classroom. There’s a computer lab downstairs, and we turned one of the upstairs classrooms into a laptop lab.


What does the school offer for art and music?


Our art room on the second floor has an outdoor learning area. It’s fully enclosed with glass on three sides, and the ceiling is open to the fresh air and sky. We think it will be a very inspiring place for creativity. We also have a multi-purpose art room, a fully equipped pottery lab and plenty of storage space. For music, we have an acoustically engineered lab with state-of-the-art equipment.


We heard that students will have lots of fun at P.E.


They’ll have lots of fun – and they’ll also learn. The gym has a six-foot-high rock-climbing wall that was donated by our PTA. Students can select a skill level and climb along the wall horizontally.  Whiteboards are incorporated into the rock wall to provide opportunities for learning. There are two outside playgrounds for different age groups, and we are painting a map of the United States onto one of the sports courts, to offer a fun geography lesson.


What are some other highlights of the new school?


The library is awesome. It has thousands of new books, a theater-style sitting area where teachers and students can read and discuss, and 8 to 10 computers. The cafeteria and gym can be opened up to create one large gathering area, for events such as health fairs or indoor field days.


How many years have you been principal at Carver Elementary?


This will be my seventh year as principal. Some of your readers may not be aware that while the building is brand-new, Carver Elementary is not. We’re moving from our previous building into this awesome new facility, and we are thrilled to keep the school’s name, which honors the great African-American scientist and inventor George Washington Carver.


How many years have you been with Georgetown ISD?


This will be my 20th year with Georgetown ISD and my 33rd year in education.


Are you from Georgetown?


My family moved to Georgetown when I was in seventh grade, and I graduated from Georgetown High School, as did both of my children.


Tell us about the teaching staff at the new Carver Elementary School.


We have the best teachers! We have about 30 teachers, with an overall staff of 75. All but one teacher from the previous Carver campus has moved over to the new campus, and we’ve also made about 14 exciting new additions to the teaching staff. All of our teachers are extremely excited about leading students to learn new things they didn’t even know they needed to learn!


Teravista is proud to be located in two outstanding school districts – Georgetown and Round Rock. Our newest neighborhoods, located north of Westinghouse Road, are in Georgetown ISD. Carver Elementary is the second onsite school in Teravista. Our first, Teravista Elementary School, is part of Round Rock ISD. For more information, please visit our Education page.