Meet the Principal: Nancy Bottlinger brings 33 years of experience to Carver Elementary in Teravista

Nancy B
(Image courtesy of Georgetown ISD)


Welcome to Teravista and the new George Washington Carver Elementary School, which opened in August. Are you new to the school as well?


No, this is my seventh year as principal of Carver Elementary, which existed in a previous location before moving to this awesome new building in Teravista.


Tell us about your career in education.


This is my 20th year in Georgetown ISD and my 33rd year in education. I have also taught in Los Angeles, McKinney and Frisco, but Georgetown is home.


Are you from Georgetown?


My family moved here when I was in the seventh grade. I graduated from Georgetown High School, and so did both of my children.


Who was George Washington Carver?


He was a great African-American scientist and inventor.  (Carver is best known for his research on the peanut, a nutritious alternative to the cotton crop.)


How many students do you have in the first year of the new Carver Elementary?

We have about 650 students, with a staff of 75 that includes 30 teachers. We are very excited about having the best teachers! All but one moved over from the previous Carver campus, and we’ve also hired about 14 new teachers.


What are some of your favorite things about the new Carver Elementary?


There are so many great features. We have four flex spaces at the end of each hallway. Each has a different theme, such as science or computers. Our “learning stairs” offer a creative space for students to gather and learn on the main stairway.


What about technology?


Our technology is state-of-the-art, with projectors, Internet access and at least nine devices such as laptops, iPads and tablets in every classroom. There’s a computer lab downstairs, and we turned one of the upstairs classrooms into a laptop lab.


What else is great about this new school?


I could go on forever! The art room has an outdoor learning area, with glass on three sides and a skylight. The gym has a rock-climbing wall with whiteboards for incorporating lessons. There are two outside playgrounds, and one has a map of the United States on the surface. The library has thousands of new books, with a theater-style seating area and 8-10 computers.


Teravista is proud to be located in two outstanding school districts – Georgetown and Round Rock. Our newest neighborhoods, located north of Westinghouse Road, are in Georgetown ISD. Carver Elementary is the second onsite school in Teravista. Our first, Teravista Elementary School, is part of Round Rock ISD. For more information, please visit our Education page.


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