5 Go Green Tips


1. Check Your Shoes at the Door
Taking off your boots and shoes before entering the home prevents more than just good ol’ Texas dirt from being tracked through throughout. It also helps eliminate harmful muck such as car exhaust, chemicals and pesticides from making their way inside. 

2. Think About Meatless Mondays! 
Did you know that eliminating meat in one meal per week (for a family of four) has the same impact as driving a hybrid car. Why? Livestock can produce a large amount of greenhouse gases, so cutting back, even if it’s just a little, makes a big difference. One day a week, consider a meat-free meal.

3. Better Safe than Sorry with Your Pots & Pans
Training to be the next master chef? Then your three healthiest options are cast iron, enamel-coated cast iron and stainless steel. Why? Non-stick pans are super easy to scrape, which means the coating can loosen and get into your food. Yuck!

4. Use Green Cleaners
This may seem like a no-brainer, but did you know the reason behind it? Switching to plant-based products reduces air pollution both indoors and out, minimizing exposure to both asthma and allergies (which means less sneezing and sniffles). Look for green products from companies that have a complete list of ingredients on their website or label. 

5. Become a Microwave Maestro
Use glass or microwave-safe containers. High heat can cause chemicals to leach into food and many contain hormone-disrupting compounds.  Bright idea: put all microwave-safe containers in easily accessible spot for the whole family.