Teravista landscape evolves with the times


Landscape is the ribbon that ties a community together. Fluidity in design and planting materials can create a cohesive aesthetic that serves to establish the community’s positioning. From its inception, the Teravista landscape has been characterized by well-executed, high-quality manicured lawns and formal gardens. While beautiful, this traditional landscape palette has required large amounts of water, conditioning and care. 

Today, Teravista continues its commitment to the quality and execution of the past but now also integrates sustainable design and native plants and grasses. It reflects the contemporary, casual yet well-kept lifestyle of its residents – blending the elevated aesthetics of formal landscaping with the sustainable principles of native plantings.  Rain gardens and a water-collecting cistern support responsible water use.

As Teravista continues to develop, the landscape continues to grow with it, naturally maturing and evolving over time, integrating sustainable principles of good xeriscape design, including appropriate soil conditioners, native plants, and mulches.   Today’s Teravista is full of native wildflowers that thrive in our conditions, including our famous Texas bluebonnets.