Top 5 Activities in Teravista

The award-winning Teravista golf course winds throughout the community.

The award-winning Teravista golf course winds throughout the community.

Teravista offers so many amenities and activities, it’s possible to do something different every day of the week – and then some. Here are 5 of the most popular fun things to do.

  1. Camp Gladiator Boot Camp. Three times a week, fitness-minded residents meet outside at the Residents’ Club for this invigorating workout. For more options, the Residents’ Club and The Club at Wildflower Park offer fitness centers, and miles of trails also help residents stay healthy.

  2. Golf. With its flexible (and scenic) layout, the award-winning Teravista Golf Club accommodates players of all ages and skill levels. Summer golf camps are popular with young golfers developing their skills.

  3. Sand volleyball. Teravista Lake Park is one of the newest (and largest) parks in Teravista, and its sand volleyball court is already a big hit with residents. More volleyball is offered at the Residents’ Club and The Club at Wildflower Park.

  4. Stay healthy – and social. The Residents Club offers regular classes such as Bollywood dancing for kids and Zumba for adults. For the latest offerings, check the community calendar at

  5. Get cooking – or take a tour. Teravista offers two or more fun activities a month for residents, such as the annual Chili Cook-Off in October, when you can test your chili mettle against the community’s best cooks.

More activities include Movies in the Park, Back to School Splash Bash, tours of nearby wineries and breweries, and Bingo Night. See the community calendar for upcoming events. These are just a few of the many possibilities for enjoying the amenities and the neighbors at Teravista. The pickleball court at Teravista Lake Park is becoming an active spot, and the community’s three pools are filled with happy, splashing residents during summer months. More exciting new parks are coming to Teravista. As the community grows, so do the options for fun.