Water-saving cistern one of several green features at Teravista


Teravista is one of several Newland communities taking advantage of recent rainy days to get ready for drier weather in the months ahead.

One of the most prominent features of The Club at Wildflower Park in Teravista is a big round galvanized metal cistern, capable of holding up to 10,000 gallons of rainwater.

During dry months, the cistern can provide enough water to irrigate the wildflowers and other native landscaping around The Club for several cycles, helping to keep this amenity beautiful and enjoyable throughout the year while also saving water.

The cistern blends in nicely with the covered outdoor gathering area at The Club, with its round shape echoed by a curved bar and the main building’s roofline. The butterfly roof at The Club is functional as well as beautiful, with its shape designed to channel the maximum amount of rainwater into the cistern.

Even the fun swimming complex at The Club at Wildflower Park is serious about saving water and energy. For example, the pump system in the main pool uses about 75 percent less energy than typical pumps.

Other eco-friendly measures in Teravista include using native, drought-tolerant landscaping for parks, common areas, and setbacks along major thoroughfares. Some of the community’s newest parks, including Teravista Lake Park and Fountain Grass Park, are showcases for this landscaping, which includes Texas wildflowers, trees, shrubs and grasses.

These and other sustainability features implemented at Teravista and its sister communities throughout the nation convinced Green Home Builder magazine to select Newland Communities as its Developer of the Year for 2016.

"Long before sustainability overtook the housing industry, Newland Communities was putting a great deal of importance on creating long-term sustainable developments," wrote the magazine’s editors, in an article announcing the honor.

Newland has also installed cisterns and other green features at its other communities in the Austin area, including Rancho Sienna and Falcon Pointe.