Rabbit Hill Park now under construction at Teravista – Spring 2017 grand opening planned


Development of Rabbit Hill Park in Teravista is hopping along, with a Spring 2017 grand opening planned for this exciting 12-acre park.

Designed as “four parks in one,” Rabbit Hill Park will be the final major addition to Teravista’s lineup of recreational amenities, which already includes a scenic championship golf course, two major community centers with swimming pools and fitness centers, over 10 miles of trails and much more.

Located north of Westinghouse Road, Rabbit Hill Park will be near several of the newest neighborhoods in Teravista, where new homes are priced from the $230,000s to over $700,000.

The Splash Park at Rabbit Hill Park will feature a towering spider blasting webs of water over 2,000 square feet, inviting visitors to engage in a colossal battle against the giant “Ter-antula.” A dragonfly mural and flowering water features will offer more entertainment. 

Splash park of the new Rabbit Hill Park

Splash park of the new Rabbit Hill Park

The Splash Park will be located at the highest point in Rabbit Hill Park, giving it a perfect vantage point to view the Northside Trailhead.

With paving features that display the cardinal directions, and ample seating overlooking a scenic pond, this contemplative trailhead will be the ideal spot to observe and enjoy nature during any season. Plantings will be thoughtfully selected to attract butterflies, dragonflies and hummingbirds.

Explorer Park will feature an eye-catching Explorer Dome, an array of webs and challenges that will create a new adventure on every visit. Another highlight will be a Dinosaur Dig, where kids can dig for fossils. 

Dino dig area of the new Rabbit Hill Park

Dino dig area of the new Rabbit Hill Park

Designed to be environmentally friendly, Rabbit Hill Park will minimize water use and blend in with the surrounding native landscape.

All of the park areas within Rabbit Hill Park will be linked with a trail system that includes a one-third mile multi-surface fitness loop with several strength-training stations.

The park will also be linked to more than 10 miles of trails that extend throughout Teravista, so residents can easily connect with more amenities such as The Club at Wildflower Park, The Residents’ Club, Teravista Lake Park and The Retreat at Teravista.

Newland Communities, the developer of Teravista, is creating Rabbit Hill Park in partnership with the City of Georgetown.

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