5 Things That Make Moving Less Painful


Sure, between the packing and the long goodbyes, moving has its share of challenges -- but it also has a huge upside. Here are five perks of picking up and heading somewhere new.

Reinvent yourself

We move for new jobs, new experiences or life changes. Whatever the reason behind it, moving is an opportunity for new beginnings. Whether you want to become a landscape photographer or just shed the city life and take up mountain biking, a new location gives you permission to try on a new identity.

Meet new people

Moving means new neighbors, new co-workers, new friends. In some cases, relocating can also mean reconnecting with old friends or family. Either way, you’ll be surrounding yourself with different people, redefining your inner circle and creating new memories.

Broaden your world

No matter what your age, new experiences bring new perspectives. Changing your home base offers a chance to discover new things to do, new sights to see, new surroundings to explore, new foods to try and a new culture to learn about.

Practice resilience

Yes, moving can be a test of character. But the great thing is, you’re up for it. Keep this in mind when the movers are late or it’s the first night in your new place and you’ve opened 17 boxes looking for the one with your sheets in it.  You will get through this -- and come out the other side stronger and better than ever.  

Start over with a clean slate

Many of us hold onto jeans we'll never wear again, broken bookshelves and seven-year-old mail. But moving is an opportunity to get rid of stuff we don't need and unclutter our lives. Packing for a new journey means deciding what’s important to you and starting fresh. And what feels more like freedom than a fresh start?