Teravista’s newest park preserves local history

Sam Green Park pavilion

One of Teravista’s newest parks is a relaxing place for residents to gather for a barbecue or picnic, under the shade of mature trees and an attractive pavilion. Residents can also enjoy views of a scenic creek that meanders through this park, located along Teravista’s extensive trail system.

This park also preserves an old stone chimney, and a commemorative plaque offers an insight into its story. “This hearth was part of the original 1950s homestead of Sam and Margaret Green,” the plaque states.

Here’s a little history about this park and how it came to be part of Teravista.

The concrete floor of the pavilion preserves the footprint of Sam and Margaret’s “honeymoon cabin,” which they built after getting married and acquiring this land in the 1950s.

Later, they constructed their permanent home nearby, where Mr. Green still lives. After moving to the larger home, they kept the honeymoon cabin as a weekend retreat, and used the land for cattle ranching. There was also a small airstrip on the property, as flying was one of Mr. Green’s favorite hobbies.

About five years ago, Newland Communities, the developer of Teravista, began having discussions with Mr. Green about acquiring his 100-acre homestead, which abutted Teravista, for one of the community’s final phases. In the end, Mr. Green sold 80 acres to Teravista, keeping 20 acres for himself to live on. 

Mr. Green was very pleasantly surprised when he found out that Newland was preserving part of his old honeymoon cabin as a community park.

“Every time I come and go now, I see this park and it stirs up wonderful memories. I’m very happy that new families living on this land will be able to enjoy it,” he said.

The Green family’s old hearth isn’t the only piece of history preserved at Teravista. The Ranch House at Teravista, now part of the Teravista Golf Club, is a historic stone house that has been restored and is now a popular venue for weddings and special events.

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